Seeboards - For A Better View
Seeboards provide boaters with a better view. Read for yourself what some of our customers and new owners of Seeboards have to say...

"Thanks to your Seeboards, I no longer have to stand on my toes in an effort to get the perfect view on my boat. In addition, I found that the boards absorb a lot of the shock one usually encounters when going fast in choppy waters. Thank you very much for creating this product…I have searched far and wide. I will certainly recommend that to all of my under 6 foot friends."

Rupert Jee
Hello Deli, New York

"Being a man of big mind and less stature I find Seeboards to be the ideal answer to having a great view with comfort. I need some extra height behind the helm. When I saw the ad for this product I was very excited to get a Seeboards so I could see. I will no longer need to jump up to catch a better view! My wife is also my same height so maybe now she will actually want to come on the boat and enjoy the new view with me."

Arlen Allen

"After owning a boat for 3 years and watching my wife try to see over the helm using a wooden block (too heavy, bulky and unforgiving on those bumps) and platform sandals (comfortable but unstable) which I'm sure most have us encountered. While reading a boating magazine. I came across an article on Seeboards. My first thought was "what a great idea - this makes sense". I knew then that her problem was solved. Seeboards provides comfort, stability, and most importantly the ability to see without obstruction. What a simple yet ideal product that I'm surprised took so long to create."


"Boating for years, at just 5' tall (or short), I love being the Captain but hate the obstructed view from the helm. In order to have greater visibility, I first used a milk crate; not real comfortable with all its holes! I then used a stool that my son had made years ago in shop. Although the stool gave me greater visibility, standing on the wood platform with four legs was not only uncomfortable but unstable as well. Cannot wait to use my new comfortable, functional and stable seeboards!"

Shelley M.
Rydal, PA

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