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Seeboards combine height adjustment for safer navigating and fatigue relief for all boaters. Improved comfort, safety and field of vision.

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Seeboards Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Our pad is 7/8" thick (22mm) closed cell EVA foam.. It is a high density firm helm pad, not a soft cushy pad that’s great for short rides and smooth seas. Boating over choppy seas and long runs require a fatigue mat that's designed to be rugged, durable and shock mitigating. The last thing you need is a trampoline like cushion tossing your body up and down…especially if you’re on the way down when the boat is on the way up! Seeboards are firm enough for lasting comfort yet soft enough to absorb shock and vibration to isolate you from a solid boat deck and unforgiving (and unpredictable) seas. The textured surface is comfortable for barefoot boating.

Seeboards Patent Pending Fasteners
Our Patent Pending Fasteners
Most helm pads free float on the deck. Some better than others but from my experience, no matter what non-skid is used, they still move around. Drilling fasteners into the boat deck is not advisable nor desirable for most boat owners. Helm mats that permanently stick to the deck are great for staying in place except that water could possibly seep in under the mat causing gel coat damage and when the pad does eventually wear out due to constant exposure, it will require some hard work to remove.

The Seeboards system uses our patent pending fastener about the size of a hockey puck. The disc uses pressure sensitive adhesive for adhering to the boat deck. The 2" diameter of each disc is strong enough to hold it in place but small enough so water can’t get trapped. Should you desire removal of the Seeboards system, the PSA disc can be easily removed. The patent pending male / female connectors are also what makes the stackable Seeboards system possible.

Seeboards Customizing Height Adjustment
Height Adjustment
Seeboards provide boaters with a better view, which is especially valuable in unfavorable weather conditions and high traffic areas. Great for younger boaters ready to take the wheel and height challenged boaters like myself tired of standing on tippy toes struggling for a better view. Boating becomes safer, more relaxing and more comfortable. Increased confidence through a better field of vision and great for sighting floating debris, markers and lobster traps. (See For Yourself !) They offer improved visibility on boats that ride high on plane or those high consoles seemingly built for NBA players.

Boaters love standing at the helm! Take a look at most boat advertisements and new boat brochures and you’ll notice more often than not, boaters prefer to stand at the helm. Seats come in all sizes and price ranges and when it comes to sitting, hundreds of options are available. Until Seeboards, nothing was available on the market for variable height adjustment for those of us who prefer to stand. Height panels are purchased individually and are available in all sizes to match the Anti-fatigue mats dimensions. The height panels snap into place between the Anti-fatigue mat and deck fasteners. Stack as many as necessary to achieve the desired height for optimal field of vision and ergonomics. Its quick, simple and easy.

Seeboards also make sitting at the helm more comfortable. Some helm chairs and leaning posts are built high and often non adjustable. The stackable pads make a comfortable foot rest while sitting. No more dangling feet and jumping up to the chair!

See Height Adjustment Video

Seeboards Comes in Sizes to Fit Most Helm Layouts
Sizes to Fit Most Helm Layouts
Seeboards are available in a variety of sizes to fit most boats. Sailboats, Center Consoles, Trawlers, Work Boats…large small and in between. Choose a size that best fits your boat and budget. Some sizes are available in one single pad or two pads that equal the same overall dimension as the single. For example, a 12" x 40" helm area could use either one 12" x 40" helm pad OR instead, use two 12" x 20" pads. The latter option for individual height adjustment where the captain may stand 6’4" and the captains mate at 5’2" and therefore requiring a tad more height adjustment.

  Installation Video

  Adding Height Adjustment Video