Seeboards - For A Better View

Get on Board with Seeboards!
Seeboards combine height adjustment for safer navigating and fatigue relief for all boaters. Improved comfort, safety and field of vision.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

See the big difference Seeboards can make!

  • A Unique and patented anti-fatigue mat and height adjustment system for standing at the helm. Back and leg pain is a common complaint among boaters and helm visibility is a primary safety concern. Seeboards is the first product of its type addressing both issues with the combination of a comfortable anti-fatigue pad and optional height adjustment panels that stack for variable height adjustment as needed.

  • Seeboards attach to the boat deck using the exclusive Seeboards fastener that "clicks" on and off easily and securely. This prevents the mat from moving around on the deck using only four 2" round discs with pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike some helm pads that use adhesive over the entire area of the fatigue mat, Seeboards are removable for storage and cleaning.

  • The energy absorbing, closed cell and anti-bacterial EVA foam used for our anti-fatigue pad is environmentally friendly recyclable material resistant to oils, UV and saltwater. Cleaning is easy with mild soaps and brushes commonly used on boat decks.

  • Vertical adjustment is achieved by inserting Seeboards "height panels" between the deck and fatigue mat. Use as many as needed to increase field of vision, reach to overhead electronics, steering / throttle and body contact to the seat or leaning post. Change height panels quickly and easily according to sea conditions and high traffic areas. Seeboards are great for boats that tend to ride high on plane. Boaters come in all sizes and until Seeboards, the standing helm was "one size fits all".

  • Seeboards are available in many sizes to fit most helm areas. Choose the size that best fits your boat.

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